Committee on Metrology and Research Equipment


The Committee on Metrology and Research Equipment of the Polish Academy of Sciences, hereinafter referred to as "the Committee", was appointed by the Resolution of the Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences No. 2/2011 of May 26, 2011 as a scientific committee operating at the 4th Department of the Technical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The Committee's scope of activity covers the discipline of metrology, integrating all theories and measurement techniques, regardless of the field of their applications.

The Committee's tasks include undertaking all activities aimed at the development of metrology and using its achievements for the good of the country.

In particular, the scope of the Committee's activities includes the development and analysis of measurement methods; acquisition, processing and interpretation of quantitative information on electrical and non-electrical phenomena (optical, mechanical, physico-chemical, thermal and other); assessment of measurement errors and uncertainty.

Basic research directions: deductive and inductive methods in mathematical modeling of physical fields, experimental evaluation of measurement models, sensors (intelligent, optoelectronic sensors, sensor networks and others), data fusion, digital data and signal processing, algorithmization of inverse problem, micro and nano- measurement systems, telemetry, biomedical measurements, measurements of electricity parameters and technological processes, environmental monitoring.

The Committee publishes the quarterly Metrology and Measurement Systems and the series of books on "Problems of electronic and photonic metrology". Is the organizer of the cyclic conference Congress of Metrology.